27 August 2008

Thank You Hillary

I have been watching some of the Democratic National Convention.  I understand that "Unity" is the prevailing message of the Democratic Party leadership as evidenced by the strategically placed Unity signs on the convention floor.  This is understandably so.  The country must end the backward spiral that is George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.  

I will vote for Barack Obama because I disagree with everything John Mc Cain supports.  Yet, I still very strongly believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton was the best choice, a choice we allowed to slip away.  Our loss.


Janine said...

If Paul were still here, I know the two of you could have a heated debate on this one! I know he is laughing his head off regarding your opinion. To each his own... :)

Jeanne said...

Yes, Janine, I remember that Paul was a "bit" on the conservative side of the aisle. Our political views were almost always in contrast to one another. I did not agree with many of his views but I respected his thoughts and opinions.
I do not mind at all that, as you suggest, Paul is "laughing his ass off." His laughter and happiness was one of the many wonderful aspects of his personality.
With respect to you and Paul, though, I firmly stand by my posting as well as my choice for president. As you said, to each her/his own.

Timothy said...

I swear I don't wanna vote because I don't like any of the candidates. Of the bunch, Obama seems to be the best possible choice, and I'm thrilled about him.

Hillary totally had my vote. Obama should have taken her as his wingman- and they woulda won the election hands-down.