19 October 2008

Time for a Change

Obama-Biden 2008

(Need I say more?)

18 October 2008

Overheard at The Ranch

Often times, the funniest moments occur in the most mundane circumstances.  I truly treasure these moments when I find myself breaking out in laughter.  Out of the mouths of babes, as they say...

Bernard:  "Emma, Daddy can't color right now as I am on the toilet."  (When you want to break out the crayons with your Daddy, is location really all that important?)  ;)

Eamon:  "Daddy, your baby smells again."  (Emma is Mommy's baby when she has a clean diaper and Daddy's baby when she doesn't.  I like Eamon's line of thinking on this one.)

Eamon:  "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?  We need some work to do now."  (Close enough, but really, we don''t need more work to do now.  We have enough now, thanks, at least Mommy does).

Emma:  "I Love you, Mama."  (Emma, Mommy loves you with all of her heart!!!)

Eamon: "I'm a rhinestone cowboy, da da Da!"  (That boy needs to try karaoke).

15 October 2008

The ibook

As many of you have probably surmised, I use my Mac ibook quite frequently.  I enjoy posting on this blog (time permitting) and occasionally check in to touch base with my old and new friends on Facebook.  I attempt to read the paper online as well as various other news sources every day (I want to be informed, after all!)  I like to chat via Adium (mostly with my brother) as well as use email, my primary mode of communication.  Most importantly, I use my computer for school work, as almost all of my course materials, including tests, quizzes, and paper submissions are online via the U of M's Webvista system.

Recently, we had a gathering at "The Ranch."  (This is the name we have chosen, tongue and cheek, for our house due to the fact that we live in a subdivision entitled, "The Ponderosa"). The following morning, I discovered that the screen on my computer was cracked.  This crack worsened into several cracks which became more pronounced within a few short days.  I am not exactly certain who or what caused the damage to the computer but I going out on a limb here and suggesting that it involved children! (Read: Emma)

Sadly, I came to the realization that my computer was soon to be no longer.  Procuring a replacement screen and the labor necessary to remove and repair the screen would be cost prohibitive.  And, the purchase of a new computer was a pricey proposition.

It was then that Stephanie and Bruce became involved in my computer "saga."  Bruce is the owner of Northbrain, a Macintosh consulting company in the Twin Cities.  Bruce took my computer with it's cracked screen and migrated it's data to an ibook he graciously agreed to loan me. Meanwhile, I began pricing computers and decided I would wait to purchase a new computer until mid-October in hopes that the rumors of soon to be newly released Macbooks proved true.

A short week after I had dropped off my computer in it's precarious state, Bruce returned to me my computer.  It no longer had the cracked (read: unusable) screen but instead, a replacement screen!  Bruce had fixed it!  The "old" computer works as well as it always did and will continue to provide me my school, communication, news, and entertainment needs for *hopefully* a long time to come.

Bruce and Stephanie refused to take nary a dime from me (despite my fervent attempts) for all of their time and effort!  I so very much appreciate their hard work in the restoration of my ibook.  More importantly, I am very grateful for their wonderful friendship and unending kindness.

Thank you Stephanie and Bruce!!!

Happy 35th Birthday, Uncle Tim!

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, Uncle Tim.
Happy Birthday to you!!!

(and many, many more!!!)

04 October 2008

True Blue Brew Crew

In late July, we made a trip to Milwaukee to visit with Great Aunt Diane.  (Above, Eamon, Emma, and Daddy pose in the children's play area outside of the stadium). During our stay in Milwaukee, we headed to Miller Park.  (A much anticipated outing, especially for me).  We had a wonderful time, well, everyone except Aunt Diane who mentioned several times during the game that "baseball and sports, in general, are not my cup of tea."  ;)
It has been a terrific season for the Brew Crew, and hopefully the post season, as well!  Go Brewers!!!