29 December 2008

General silliness

Today, Eamon, Emma, and I were getting ready to attend a birthday party.  Eamon, fresh from a trip to Kids Hair, made a simple request I could not possibly refuse, "Mom, can I bring my new hair cut to the party?" 

Catch Up

When I created this blog, I had promised myself that I would make sincere attempts to write everyday, or perhaps, every other day. Perhaps, a few times per week would suffice. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate an autumn replete with cold virus after cold virus after sinus infection after additional cold virus for all of the members of our family, canine members excluded.  I also found myself living and breathing the University of Minnesota, in two very time consuming courses. 

Well, the semester has ended.  Whew!  The children are presently asleep.  Bernard is "suggesting" (read: yelling at the TV) game strategy for 'Deal or No Deal' contestants, and the dogs lay at my feet. Let the blog catch up begin!  (At least until a child awakens or a canine needs a potty break which, according to my calculations, will occur in approximately ten minutes...give or take a minute, of course).

07 December 2008

The Fury of Rainstorms

I have become more and more interested in poetry over the years.  I came across this poem last night and found it interesting and well written, albeit quite dark.  My very wonderful friend and neighbor contacted me this afternoon after reading this post, inquiring as to my interest, and perhaps reasoning to include this particular poem in my blog.   Perhaps I need to seek out some poetry that is less brooding and depressive, especially during the holiday season!    Or, perhaps, all of the studying this semester has caused me to have questionable taste in poetry  ;)

The Fury of Rainstorms by Anne Sexton

The rain drums down like red ants,
each bouncing off my window.
The ants are in great pain
and they cry out as they hit
as if their little legs were only
stitched on and their head pasted,
and oh they bring to mind the grave,
so humble, so willing to be beat upon
with its awful lettering and
the body lying underneath
without an umbrella.
Depression is boring, I think
and I would do better to make
some soup and light up the cave.