24 August 2008

A Visit From Cousin Shannon

Eamon and Emma enjoyed a very fun weekend visit from the oh so awesome Cousin Shannon! This past week, the kids anticipated her visit with much excitement and much discussion. Needless to say, Shannon did not disappoint.

Shannon and her two young cousins played board games, created robots out of Legos, and read many a book (among other things). Shannon also pulled the kids in the wagon to the park via the walking trail (not once but twice).  She may not have anticipated that her visit would include these workout sessions.  

Shannon's visit was also a treat for Mom and Dad (a.k.a. Shannon's aunt and uncle).  We spent much time chatting with Shannon while catching up on all of the happenings in her life.  We also enjoyed a Saturday evening meal sans kiddos which for us (and most parents) is a rare occasion, indeed. On Sunday, B and I decided to go bowling, something we had not done in well, ages. We both had much fun but determined that we will not be touring with the Pro Bowling Circuit anytime soon.  Our scores were quite low as compared to another bowler a few lanes over who was legally blind.  (This information was provided to us by the bowling alley attendant, who also gave us a few pointers).  I am sure our bowling maneuvers were to his chagrin, however, as he appeared to have a somewhat pained look on his face while watching us bowl.

In any case, the weekend was truly wonderful.  Thank you Cousin Shannon!  We love you.

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