05 September 2008

The First Week of School

Whew!  We have made it through the first week of the new school year!  (It seems like the summer came and went at warp speed, but I digress).  Eamon and Emma attended summer school and are now adjusting to their new "regular school year" room assignments with new teachers and unfamiliar classmates.  
Emma has settled into her classroom with little hesitation or reserve.  Luckily, one of her summer teachers, whom she likes very much,  has been assigned to this new room.  Eamon, though, has experienced a bit more apprehension and worry as his school year begins.  He was very fond of his teachers of the previous school year and would be more than pleased to return as one of their pupils. To Eamon's chagrin, however, these much adored teachers work only with the three-year old crowd whereas Eamon has moved upstairs to the land of the "big kids" (e.g four year-olds).  Many of his buddies from the previous year still attend the school but have been assigned to one of the other four year-old pre-school classrooms.  
As the weeks progress, perhaps some of these new faces will become new friends.  Hopefully, the uncertainties of the new year will ease and the comfort and familiarity will be once more.