18 October 2008

Overheard at The Ranch

Often times, the funniest moments occur in the most mundane circumstances.  I truly treasure these moments when I find myself breaking out in laughter.  Out of the mouths of babes, as they say...

Bernard:  "Emma, Daddy can't color right now as I am on the toilet."  (When you want to break out the crayons with your Daddy, is location really all that important?)  ;)

Eamon:  "Daddy, your baby smells again."  (Emma is Mommy's baby when she has a clean diaper and Daddy's baby when she doesn't.  I like Eamon's line of thinking on this one.)

Eamon:  "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?  We need some work to do now."  (Close enough, but really, we don''t need more work to do now.  We have enough now, thanks, at least Mommy does).

Emma:  "I Love you, Mama."  (Emma, Mommy loves you with all of her heart!!!)

Eamon: "I'm a rhinestone cowboy, da da Da!"  (That boy needs to try karaoke).

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