15 October 2009

The Paw Print

Bernard went to the U of M to pick up Malachy's cremains this afternoon. (I really, really, really dislike the word "cremains.") I am grateful that he did so as I was dreading the return trip to the veterinary hospital. The cremains are contained within a maroon velvet pouch.

The veterinary clinic included a sympathy card as well as a letter from the veterinary clinic's staff social worker, offering individual and group support services. This is a free service provided to all clients of the clinic and hospital. I am impressed and grateful that this social work care is available to those who grieve over their animals' illness and/or death.

We also received this clay paw print obtained by the doctor shortly after Malachy passed away. Bernard was a bit surprised that Malachy's paw print was so big, upon looking at the imprint. I looked at the print, reminded of how big his paws were as a puppy, seemingly so out of proportion to his small puppy body.

I hold tightly this happy memory of our sweet Shortround.

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