16 August 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

A few funny quotes of the day (at least I thought so):

This morning, I decided to turn on the retro music channel while we were getting ready for the day.  As Emma was dancing to the music, Eamon walked into the living room and proclaimed, "Is this 'Rock Lobster?"  (Yes, it was).  How did he know that???  

Later...Daddy, Eamon, and Emma decided to watch 'Ratatouille.'  Unfortunately for Emma, it was nap time so Daddy put Emma to bed while Eamon remained to finish the movie.  Moments later, Emma crept out of the bedroom and 'secretly' hid in the hallway.  (Note to Emma:  We can hear you).  I went to retrieve Miss Emma to 'reinitiate the napping process' when she said to me with a frown, "Daddy...Cheech-O...watch...rat."  (Emma just wanted to finish watching Ratatouille with her Dad and brother).  :/

As the evening wore on, it seemed that Eamon and Emma were becoming louder and louder (and louder).  In reality, their parents were most likely were becoming more tired (and more tired)!  I mentioned to Eamon that his Dad and I did not truly realize how loud children would before we had him and his sister.  Eamon responded by suggesting, "maybe you and Daddy should try to have quiet children sometime."  Is there such an entity as "quiet children???"   Just wondering. 

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Timothy said...

There's no such thing as a quiet child anymore it seems. "Children should be seen and not heard" - pity that's untrue sometimes...