15 August 2008

Movietime with My Brother

On Wednesday afternoon, my brother Tim came over for a visit. We decided to load the kiddos into the family truckster and head to the local Apple retail store for some assistance with my ibook keyboard. The oh-so-cool Uncle Tim patiently played with Eamon and Emma while I consulted with the resident "Mac Genius" who was stationed at the appropriately named "Apple Genius Bar." (Genius, eh?) After we checked out all of the latest, greatest, most coveted (by us) Apple products, Uncle Tim and I took the children for supper. Oh boy. Good times...good times. It seemed that I could not please my young male offspring in terms of my suggestions regarding possible menu selections. When I placed the food in front of the him, he proclaimed that it was not what his father generally serves him at this particular eating establishment. (Pause: Long, long sigh lamenting the life of a mother of a four year-old boy). 

All was not lost though, as the mall play area is generally a happy experience.  Uncle Tim took charge of Emma on a few occassions, when Eamon required a few bathroom breaks. We concluded our Ridgedale experience by taking a long walk around the mall, to walk off our supper. Again, we loaded the kids back into the family truckster and headed home to tell Daddy about our afternoon. It was of tremendous surprise and utter shock (please note the facetious tone) when I learned that the meal items I served Eamon and Emma during our outing were, coincidentally, the same exact items that Daddy selects for the children. Lesson of the day: It is always better when Daddy picks out your meal!

Daddy played with the kiddos in another room before putting them to bed so Uncle Tim and I capitalized on a rare "free time" opportunity! Time to watch the recent Netflix arrival! Wow...a movie? No Nemo? No Cars? No Curious George? Believe it or not, a bonafide film not suitable for the under 5 years of age crowd! So, we popped the popcorn as we popped in the DVD.  It was a nice treat to have the opportunity to spend some "quality brother-sister time."  

By the way, the film of the night was 'Control,' a biopic of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit but my brother...well, not as much as I.

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Timothy said...

Honestly, that movie kind of stunk.

But quality Family Time is always appreciated!