14 September 2008

The Facebook Phenomenon

This week I created a Facebook profile.  My impression of Facebook was that of an adolescent and college ("traditional" college age) networking site and so I had eschewed the Facebook "experience" as not appropriate for a non adolescent/non traditional college age individual like myself.  
I learned that a few friends were actual Facebook "people" and so decided to investigate myself.  I created my profile and began adding a few of my known Facebook friends.  Less than a week later, I have reconnected with high school classmates and college dorm friends, among others.  It has been much fun to use Facebook to communicate with the cool people of my present as well the wonderful people of my past.

P.S.  Facebook is not solely for the "younger" (read: under 25) crowd.

1 comment:

Timothy said...

I think you're addicted to facebook.

Or maybe its just a new fad for you.