14 September 2008

Incoherent Observations

We have recently switched from cable to the dish.  Thus far, we have had good luck (knock on wood) but last night, the system was a bit unstable  and would indicate "no signal" for a brief moment and then set to "Channel 666."  Should I be concerned about this?  Why not reset to another number?  Does "666" really need to be the default?  Should I call a priest?

When I was getting out of the shower this week, Emma was waiting patiently for me in the bathroom.  While toweling off, she pointed to my nipples and said, "Mommy....owie." Really...she thinks my nipples are some sort of wound in need of a Batman band-aid?  Is this a good sign?  I realize that she is two years-old and very curious about the world around her however I hope she comes to understand that my nipples/breasts are not in constant need of first aid.

My Cognitive Psychology textbook = the new Ambien.  Antidote to Cognitive Psychology textbook = Large quantities of expresso.  

Okay... time to get back to studying while it is naptime!  (Unfortunately, not my naptime).  


Timothy said...

Well, at least you didn't lick peanut butter and discover it was... butt paste.

Timothy said...

Your blog needs a new post!

So, how's the Dish working for you?