06 February 2009

The School Daze

It is February and it appears that I am on the verge of already compromising one of my 2009 resolutions: writing.  I cannot honestly say to myself that my random musings are meaningful or important in any way.  Yet,  I feel this intensity to sit down and explore my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, desire, hopes, dreams, sorrows, regrets, fears...I want to use this journal to explore, but also to assist in the processing of all of these ideas bouncing around in my frontal lobe.  I want so much to learn to write in a constructive, meaningful manner.

One of the aspects of life with which I am currently preoccupied is my undergraduate tenure.  I met with my College of Liberal Arts advisor last week and we discussed graduation.  He talked about the importance of celebrating this milestone and suggested that many people might have forsaken the notion of finishing after so many years.  I was unable to accept his compliment as it felt almost uncomfortable.  After all, I began attending the University of Minnesota in September of 1988!  

I hit the ground running...a strong start in my academic career.  I remember walking across campus in front of Ford Hall on a beautiful autumn day.  The campus was absolutely gorgeous, as the fall leaves were carpeting the manicured lawns of the mall.


Timothy said...

You lazy bum!!!

Timothy said...

Well, when work meets play, the monkeys win every time.